How To Succeed In The New Gig Economy

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We have successfully worked in the Wellness and Business-Coaching industry for over 37 years. We started the manual, analog, unwired, acoustic way in 1981. We called people on the phone, […]

Amputee’s 60 Day Update

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Here I am 2 months after my surgery. A 68 and 5/6 yr. old BTK (below-the-knee) amputee. I am still experiencing episodes of phantom pain. I feel pressure on my […]

Notes From a New BTK* Amputee

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*Below The Knee not to be mistaken for Baloney… šŸ˜‰ Yes, you can now call me (Darryl) stumpy. Although “stump”, as well as “amputation” and “amputee,” are such negative sounding […]

We have decided to Blog

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Amy and I have finally taken our business totally into the 21st century and are marketing on the Web with lots of great information available about how to feel better, […]